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I have known Dwight for several years now and there’s no roofing contractor I’d more highly recommend. Being in real estate I always like to use a contractor myself before making recommendations. He is trustworthy and reliable and goes above and beyond and because of that I recommend him to my own clients regularly.
— Tim B

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Dwight was awesome in every way when we worked with him. It was nice to have a longtime resident of the community working on our home. He feels like someone you’ve known forever. I felt like I could trust him and that meant a lot to us in the process.
— Shelly

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We can’t help but think that Coffman construction is the best company in Bloomington. They did an incredible job just like we had hoped. We’ve had bad experiences in the past but this time was different. I would hire them again in a heartbeat and you should too! 
— Dale

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Dwight is a great guy who runs a great business. He’s got one of the best crews you’ll find and I’d recommend him in a heart beat.
— Meg

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I’m not sure what I can say but Coffman roofing is the best. Hire them! They work fast, they clean up, that took care of my home like it was their own and you can’t ask for much more! 
— Jeremy

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I’ve had Dwight work on a couple of projects for me over the years. There’s a reason I keep hiring him. His team works fast, does great work, and just get’s things done. He’s a good guy that I trust. You’ll know the difference between him and other companies the first time you meet him.
— Rob Akers

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When we first bought our house we needed quite a bit of work done. We reached out to Dwight on the recommendation of a friend. Best decision we made. Not only did their work exceed our expectations but I was able to get in contact with him whenever I needed and they kept us updated throughout the process. Very professional and personable. It’s not easy to find someone like him, and we’ll hire him again for sure.
— Ally